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Car rental Armenia

Armenia is a country located in Euro-Asia. It haves a population of 3,262,200 people and it is using the Armenian dram (AMD). In Armenia you have to drive on the right direction of the road.

If you decide to rent a car in Armenia, you must know that most main roads around Yerevan are in decent to fair shape with some being in unusually good condition, but in the north or in the south roads are less maintained. Pot holes are very much a part of the experience and can test your driving skills. You can drive in Armenia on an International Driving Permit. The local standard of driving is poor. Make sure everyone in the car wears a seatbelt at all times. Areas near the line of contact with Azerbaijan remain potentially dangerous. The gasoline and other fuels sold out of jars, barrels, and trucks by independent roadside merchants should be considered very unreliable.

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Car rental Armenia
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