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Ireland is a country located in Northern Europe. It haves a population of 4,588,252 people and it is using the Euro (€). In Ireland you have to drive on the left direction of the road.

To rent a car in Ireland you will need an identity card or passport, a driving license and a valid credit card. Normally, car rental companies rent car to drivers older than 21 years old. Streets are relatively narrow and extra attention must be paid when another car approaches. All passengers must wear seat belts and you always give way to the vehicles on the roundabout when you approach one. There are areas painted yellow where parking is not allowed but when the yellow lines have gaps then short stops are allowed. In order not to get a fine, parking lots are recommended. There are toll plazas where you pay in cash in almost all highways, prices are displayed in large signs as you approach the toll station and the amount of money is based on the car category. The only road with no toll station is M50 where the vehicle gets photographed and the car driver's credit card gets charged. If you plan to use M50 ask your agent if your car is registered to the system. There are no gas stations on the motorways, so fill the tank before you leave town and if you are running low on fuel go to the nearest town. There are all grades of fuel available and there are attendants to put fuel in your car. Credit cards are acceptable but you can also pay cash.

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