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Romania is a country located in Eastern Europe. It haves a population of 21,848,504 people and it is using the Romanian leu (lei). In Romania you have to drive on the right direction of the road.

To rent a car in Romania you need a driving license, a valid credit card and an ID or a passport. Car rental companies may ask for an International Driving Permit for driving licenses issued outside EU. Driving licenses from USA and Canada are accepted. Drivers need to be more than 18 years old but car rental companies may refuse to rent to drivers younger than 25 or charge them more. Highways are in good condition but rural roads are rather bad, with potholes and animal moved carts can be found. At intersections with no traffic signs, vehicles coming from your right have priority and at roundabouts vehicles entering have priority. All vehicles have to stop for pedestrians crossing the road and should have their lights open all day. All passengers must wear seatbelts and the driver must not drink and drive at all. Romanian police have a zero tolerance in drunk driving and may take your driving license for three months regardless of your country and protesting may lead to jail time. Parking is allowed on the right side of the road and some times, near the city center you may find park meters. Vehicles need to have a prepaid vignette as a toll fee, so you need to ask the car agent if your car have one. The most used fuel is diesel, although unleaded gas is becoming more and more popular.

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