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Car rental Slovakia

Slovakia is a country located in Eastern Europe. It haves a population of 5,445,324 people and it is using the Euro (€). In Slovakia you have to drive on the right direction of the road.

To rent a car in Slovakia you will need a passport, a driving license and a valid credit card. Car rental companies or police will not need an International Driving Permit but you should always have your passport with you. Roads are improving but they are still narrow in many cases and most of them have two lanes. All passengers must wear seatbelts, lights must be on all day, the use of mobile phones is forbidden and you should give priority to vehicles on your right. Parking is in most areas of the city free, as long as you leave enough space for pedestrians. In the city centers there may be zones that you are charged by the hour and voucher tickets can be bought from newspaper stands. If you intend to travel using highways you will have to buy a vignette as a toll fee and the price is fixed and depends on the number of days and the type of the car.

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