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Australia is a country located in Australasia. It haves a population of 22,795,398 people and it is using the Australian dollar (A$). In Australia you have to drive on the left direction of the road.

To rent a car in Australia you will need an identity card or passport, a valid credit card and a driving license with English translation. If the license is not in English car rental companies will require an International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to your license. Generally, overseas licenses are valid for driving for 3 months after arrival. Australia has a generally well-maintained system of roads and highways, and rental cars are a commonly used method of transport. Rental cars in capital cities usually have unlimited mileage, while in small towns they usually only include 100 km a day before a surcharge is applied. The quality of the roads inside and around the cities, as well as the quality of highways is great but road conditions may be difficult in remote areas. The use of seat belts is compulsory for drivers and all passengers, and infants must be secured with approved safety capsules and harnesses. A possible penalty about the use of seat belt applies to the driver of the vehicle. There are speed cameras, both hidden and visible in all states and territories. The traffic is mostly good, although roads can be congested during peak times in the major cities. There is a system for street parking with a meter but there are regions marked as clearways where you are not allowed to park your car under any circumstance. Generally, navigating through Australia is free but there are some motorways, bridges and tunnels in major cities require payment of tolls. You can find gas stations in the cities but outside major centres gas stations may be closed late at night, in the early morning or in some cases even on a Sunday. Australia is known, among many things, for the wild life so don't be surprised if you find animals wander onto roadways.

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