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Greece is a country located in Southern Europe. It haves a population of 10,787,690 people and it is using the Euro (€). In Greece you have to drive on the right direction of the road.

To rent a car in Greece you will need an identity card (if citizen of the EU) or passport, a valid credit card and a driving license. If the driving license was issued outside of EU, some car rental companies may need an International Driving Permit that is issued in your home country before going to Greece. Exploring Greece by car is a rewarding experience because the mountains and forests of the mainland Greece and the scenery of the islands is magnificent. Greek driving style may seem aggressive to many people from Northern Europe or North America so it is better to keep your distance. Streets in the villages or in the mountains are narrow and you should give priority to the car on the uphill. Always give way to the vehicle to your right when you reach an intersection without traffic signs and when reaching a roundabout remember that the car entering the roundabout is the one having priority, unless there are traffic signs suggesting otherwise. The traffic in the centre of the cities can be heavy especially at peak hours or rainy days. On highways, there are signs in Greek first but in a small distance they are repeated in English. Parking is allowed at the side of the road in areas around the city centre but in the city centre it is better to park at parking lots. There are toll stations on main highways where you pay in cash a prefixed amount of money depending on the type of vehicle you drive. The types of fuel are all grades of unleaded fuel, diesel and some of them natural gas. Refilling is done by attendants and you can pay in cash or with a credit card. Gas stations may be closed on Sundays or during the night in the cities, but there is always some that stay open so ask locals for directions. Gas stations on highways are always open.

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