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Italy is a country located in Southern Europe. It haves a population of 60,813,326 people and it is using the Euro (€). In Italy you have to drive on the right direction of the road.

Rent a car in Italy by using your passport or Identity Card and your driver's license with your name in latin characters. If there are in another language, you will have to purchase the International Driving Permit in English from your country before entering Italy. Minimum age limit depends on the rental company, although in general is about 21 years old. To get your car you will have to have your passport or identity card, your driving license and a valid credit card. In Italy you have to give way to the right, although this is not appreciated all the time so you will have to be extra careful at intersections even if you have the priority. In addition, be aware of the fact that in roundabouts drivers may change lanes without signals. Traffic in the city during peak hours can be overwhelming. Parking on central streets is forbidden and the fine is very big so it is better to prefer car parking. There are some highways where you pay when you enter them, such as highways leading to Naples, Milan and Rome, but in most of them you take a ticket when you enter and you pay at the exit an amount depending on the distance covered. Don't lose your entrance ticket, for if you do, it will be assumed you have entered the motorway at the farthest station from your exit, thus you will be charged the maximum toll possible. The types of fuel are unleaded petroleum, diesel and liquid gas. The gas stations accept almost all types of credit cards and in most of them there are do-it-yourself pumps, where the price is lower. All passengers are obliged to wear seat belts and children under the age of 12 have to wear the special, child's seat belt or use a seat, depending on their age and height.

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