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Norway is a country located in Northern Europe. It haves a population of 5,033,675 people and it is using the Norwegian krone (kr). In Norway you have to drive on the right direction of the road.

To rent a car in Norway you will need a driving license, a passport and a valid credit card. You need to own a driving license for at least a year and if it was not issued in European Union you may need an International Driving License. Pedestrians have the right of way and you should stop even when they show intention to cross the road. All passengers should wear their seatbelts, lights must be on all day and during winter the car should have winter tyres. Driving on a road with snow and ice may be tricky for an inexperienced driver, so a larger braking distance is needed. On the mountains there are many roads going uphill or downhill for many kilometres and brakes can be overheated so drive with low gear in order to avoid using the brakes so much. Always be extra careful, especially during sunrise and sunset, for sheep, reindeer and other wild animals. Parking is controlled by meters and in yellow zones parking is allowed for one hour, in grey zone for two hours and in brown zone for three hours. There are tolls with toll plazas in all the country where you can pay in cash or automatically. There are gas stations selling gasoline and diesel. Natural gas is sold at separate stations. Carrying cans with fuel is permitted, as gas stations are not very easy to find and if you drive away from the cities it is good to have one with you. You can pay in cash or with credit or debit card and there are many gas stations with automatic pumps.

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