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Switzerland is a country located in Central Europe. It haves a population of 8,000,000 people and it is using the Swiss franc (Fr.). In Switzerland you have to drive on the right direction of the road.

To rent a car in Switzerland you need an identity card or a passport, a valid credit card and a driving license. Some rental car companies may ask you for an International Driving Permit, but for residents of EU this is not really necessary. The age limit to rent a car is 20 years old with a valid driving license for at least a year, but there are companies that may charge more drivers between the ages of 20 to 24. You should always give way to the vehicle at your right and drive with your vehicle's lights always on. When reaching a roundabout, give priority to the vehicles in the roundabout unless traffic signs suggest otherwise. Children under the age of 7 should sit on a child's special chair and all passengers must use their seat belts. Always use your flash (indicator) when changing lanes and respect the speed limits, as speed laws are strict and fines are big. When driving on the mountain roads give priority to the vehicle going uphill, keep your distance and during winter be ready to put chains to your tyres if necessary. To use the roads of Switzerland you have to have a vignette which is valid for a year. Rented cars have their vignette prepaid but it is recommended to ask the company, because a possible fine will be paid by you. There are two zones for parking, blue and white zone. In blue zone, a parking disc must be displayed on your dashboard and discs are available at police and gas stations. Parking in white zones is for free. In Switzerland you will find all types of fuel in all grades, even lead substitute additive. Most gas stations in Switzerland are open from 8am until 10pm and have pumps that accept credit and debit cards so that you can refill your tank by yourself.

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